Therapy or one-on-one counselling provides people with the comfort and support needed to make lasting change. Therapy can help you to build and develop new skills, generate new understandings about yourself and your behaviours, create lasting change in your relationships, understand and monitor your thinking patterns, and make meaningful transformations in your life. If you would like to know more about one-on-one counselling in Newport VIC 3015 contact Jessica.

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What types of issues can be improved with therapy?
Common issues Jessica works with include Depression, Anxiety, Worry, Grief and Loss, Stress, Relationships, Parenting, Sleep, OCD, Anger, Phobias, Mood Swings, Self-Esteem, Personal Image, Confidence, Communication, Conflict, Assertiveness, Weight, Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, and Motivation. If you would like to know more please contact Jessica.

Am I eligible for a rebate?
Jessica is a registered Medicare provider. If a GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist provides you with a Mental Health Treatment Plan you are eligible for up to 10 rebates of $124.50 per calendar year (read more). Private health insurance, TAC and WorkSafe rebates are also available. Please talk to your insurance provider to find out what type of rebate you are eligible for. If you would like to discuss fees and rebates please contact Jessica.

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Couples and Relationship Counselling

Relationships are hard work, and finding a safe space to able to work on your relationship is important. Research indicates that couples counselling is more successful when couples seek help early.

Couples and relationships counselling with Jessica can address a range of relationship issues to determine whether to stay and repair and enhance a relationship or separate amicably. Jessica seeks to support both people in the relationship with a focus on safety, respect and communication. Common issues addressed in couples counselling are communication and conflict, emotional and physical connection, parenting, and breakdowns in trust (such as an affair).

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How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions required will depend on the type and severity of your concerning issues, and on the goals you have in mind. In your first session Jessica will negotiate a plan that you feel comfortable with, and that you both think will help you to feel supported to address your needs. Jessica will continue to review and monitor your progress with you. On average people attend between 6-10 sessions for short term therapy. If you would like to know more about therapy please contact Jessica.


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