Five Part Wellbeing Series! Part Two: Centring

By Jessica Darvell (Psychologist). MPsych(Clin.),GradDipPsych, BCom/BSc.

An important part of wellbeing is being able to centre ourselves and focus the energy within our bodies. Often when we become stressed or anxious we are occupied with our thoughts. Our attention is in our head. Our thoughts are usually focused in the past or future (the past being any moment prior to now including an hour ago, yesterday, last week, when we were younger; likewise the future being any moment after including in ten minutes, this evening, next week, in ten years and so on.) Thoughts might be what if this?, I have to do this, next I must…, when this happened, what if I had done this?, why did that happen?

So how do we get out of our head and back into the present moment?

In these times of stress or anxiety, it is essential to be able to practice a technique to centre our body, thus bringing our attention back to the here and now and away from the past and future. It is a way of pausing our thinking, getting out of our heads for a moment, and getting back into the physical.

The centre of gravity of any mass is the infinitely small point of most stability from where we are least likely to lose balance.

  1. Stand comfortably with feet hip width apart, balancing on both feet
  2. Relax and loosen your body
  3. Lift one foot and rotate the ankle and place the foot back down
  4. Repeat with the other foot
  5. Bend your knees slightly, making sure they are lose and are not locked
  6. Gently sway your hips and stretch your spine
  7. Raise your shoulders to your ears and then relax them again
  8. Very gently and slowly lower your chin to your chest and raise it again
  9. Relax your jaw
  10. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and let it out with a sigh
  11. Place one hand bellow your belly button, and the other on the small of your back

Between your hands is where the centre of your body lies

  1. Take your full attention to the inside of your body, between your two hands, to your centre
  2. Close your eyes and visualise breathing from your centre
  3. Open your eyes and try to continue to breath from your centre while calmly looking around the space you are in
  4. When you feel ready you can end the exercise

Remember, like any skill centring takes practice. Add this to your daily wellbeing practices, enjoy it, and use this as a way to get out of your head, away from the past and future, and back into the present, physical moment. Tune in next week for the third part of this wellbeing special. Click here to read the first part on relaxation.


Often managing stress on your own can be difficult and seeking professional help is a good idea. Speak with your GP, or contact Jessica to discuss this further.


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